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A better initial question may be “who do I want to distribute my content to?”

This will all depend on your business and who your potential clients/customers are. Having said this we have some suggestions that may help determine where you should host your content and in particular how to reach your audience using paid online advertising (more commonly known as pay-per-click advertising).

Hosting your content is simple. You should host your video content on every available platform you can purely for the potential signals Google’s algorithm will pick up to help your search engine optimisation ( SEO) efforts. …

Nowadays, video advertising is not only good for your business, but it’s essential. In the age of non-stop videos on Tik Tok or the acceleration of Facebook video — brands that only use text and pictures are deemed uninteresting and unengaging.

But we get it; creating video content is difficult. You need to figure out what content to make, work out a strategy, film, edit, distribute, all while sticking to the budget. It’s exhausting to think about when you don’t have the help of a video marketing agency.

Facebook video marketing, LinkedIn video advertising, YouTube pre-roll, and Instagram story posts…

A videographer is used as the most basic method of capturing video footage and can be very different to a video production company. In many instances a videographer often captures footage without direction or dialogue such as weddings, social gatherings, or live event.

They may also do important meetings or video conferencing sessions for events and executive meetings in the corporate space. They know a camera, and they know it well, but this is often the extent of what they do.

Some refer to them as camera operators, and you may miss the production elements of lighting, strong editing, scripting…

Find Melbourne’s best locations for hire to create amazing social and corporate video productions

All across Melbourne there are incredible indoor locations and spaces that can help add dimension, creativity and production value to your social media video production, corporate video production, or product videos. Below are our top 10 indoor filming locations for hire in Melbourne that we will keep adding to over 2021.

Whether you’re looking for a cyclorama or a greenscreen, a film studio for hire with additional services such as lighting hire and stands or something a little more interesting for your next Melbourne based video production, our list below should supply you with everything you’ll need when it comes…

So, your new video is uploaded, you’re happy with the multiple versions of your Facebook advertising copy and you’ve pressed the publish button…what now?

In an ideal world you would put your feet up, relax and watch the sales or the leads roll on in.

What may in fact happen is nothing at all. Actually, it’s worse than that, because you will still be losing ad spend as Facebook will take your money regardless of your campaign’s success.

And so time is ticking, your ad spend is flying out the window and you’re achieving little to nothing in the way of conversions (generally measured in sales or generated leads).

So what now? What is the measurable data that your Facebook Advertising campaign is producing…

It’s no secret Facebook loves video content, with founder Mark Zuckerberg predicting that, based on recent trends, the majority of content we consume online will soon be video based.

With over 2 billion active users, and more than 100 million hours of video content being watched daily, video advertising on Facebook may seem like a slam dunk marketing move, but with whispers of Facebook advertising prices rising, is it still a cost-effective option?

More importantly, does Facebook video advertising really work?

What is a Facebook Video Advertisement?

Just like traditional Facebook promoted posts, Facebook video advertisements are paid placements visible to users at various points of their online experience, featuring promotional video content created by your brand.

Your Facebook video advertisement can be highlighted in a few different places within the platform:

  • In-feed advertisements are…

Articulating how you want your video to look and sound is crucial. A well thought out brief will help your corporate video production stand out from your competitors and connect with your customers. Below is everything you should include.

Background information and project objectives

You should explain why you want the video produced and what purpose it will serve in your business. Do you want the video for internal training purposes, or will it be used as video marketing collateral? Decide what a “win” would look like.

This should be something measurable such as “we are going pay for distribution on Facebook & Instagram to…

Video marketing is fast becoming the gold standard in improving customer engagement and driving conversion of web traffic to product sales.

Rapid advances in technology mean that internet browsing from mobile devices is becoming the preferred option for consumers, with approximately 58% of site visits originating from mobile phones in 2018, and 42% of the average person’s browsing taking place on a handheld device.

The shift toward consumers favouring mobile devices has been largely driven by the rise of video content on platforms such as YouTube, which is the second most visited site in the world after Google, and mainstream…

A group I collaborate with regularly love filming high-end TVCs as much as every filmmaker does. This TVC production company say that it is glorious to be able to focus their energy on a single 15–30 second spot, ensuring every frame is buttery perfection, telling a high-impact story designed to “wow” an audience. But truth be told, the TVC is dying… if not already dead.

Ouch. Yeah. Calling it as it is.

These days, it’s far more likely that your advertising spend now needs to cover a continual rollout of regular content across multiple social media platforms — 5 second…

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