Top 10 Melbourne Corporate Videographers in 2021

Find Melbourne’s best corporate videographers and corporate videography companies to create amazing business, interview and corporate event videos for your brand, website and social campaigns.

Spread out across Melbourne there is a wealth of knowledgable and dedicated corporate videographers ready to document your business messaging and events and take your brand to the next level by creating engaging corporate videos.

  • be a freelancer that may also be the sole person managing and performing tasks across pre-production, production and post-production)
  • contribute less to the creative content of your corporate video (though as this article will show — freelancers are more than capable of helping with creative and message development!)
  • have dedicated staff for each role in the production process from production (scripting, producing, camera operation) through to post-production (editing, motion graphics and delivery)
  • may be less flexible with the style and type of content they will be willing to create in order to maintain their own standards.

1. Video Outcomes

Can you say incredible corporate videography, cost effective, friendly team and efficient workflows?

  • Testimonial Videos
  • Homepage & Business Introduction Videos Videos for Business Websites
  • Social Campaign Content for Businesses
  • Corporate Event Videography
  • Seminar and Conference Highlight Videos

2. Monster & Bear

Though technically a corporate video production company we just really love the content they produce. If you have access to a higher budget and are looking for a ‘brand film’ or a cinematic video that will not only inform your audience but will create a lasting connecting with your brand then it’s worth taking a look at what Monster & Bear can do for you.

3. Man With A Camera

Man With A Camera offers high quality corporate videography and photography at affordable rates and are happy to accomodate budget requirements.

  • Seminar and Conference Videos
  • Animated motion design

4. MN Videos

MN Videos are Radi Tosheva and Moises Navarro Solera (Corporate Videographer) a self described nimble and affordable corporate videography and marketing dynamic duo helping SME’s and family businesses leverage the power of video to help grow their businesses.

  • Partnership and Testimonial Videos
  • Software Demo Videos

5. Dean Allen Craig Media

Dean has worked for more than a decade as the General Manager of a Video Production and Public Relations business where he managed communications campaigns for hundreds of clients across state and federal government departments as well as corporate and not-for-profit clients.

  • Major Events
  • Safety Training Videos
  • Staff Induction Videos
  • Corporate Media Training

6. Moment 2 Moment

Moment 2 Moment offers Videography & Photography, across Melbourne including Corporate Video Production, Corporate Videography, Event Photography, Event Videography, Livestreaming Services, Birthday Party Photography.

  • Annual General Meeting Videos
  • Conference and Seminar Videos
  • Video Business Cards

7. Big & Small Productions

Big and Small Productions do exactly what their name suggests. They work with companies of all sizes to create incredible content.

  • Motion Graphics
  • Whiteboard Animation and explainers.

8. Dream Engine

Dream Engine are a video production company offering corporate videography services and have been creating video content for over 18 years in Melbourne. Though they are a production company they offer services from freelance camera operators all the way through to end-to-end corporate video production.

  • Corporate Event Video
  • Training Videos
  • Corporate Animation Videos

9. Pixel3

Pixel3 helps ambitious corporate communicators have greater impact with high-quality corporate video production by producing effective videos to deliver their desired message to the right audience.

  • Corporate Promotional Videos
  • Conference Interview Videos
  • Event Coverage Videos

10. Media Light Studios

Media light studios have a range of service options in the area of corporate videography.

Honourable mentions and Melbourne based corporate videography freelancers we will be adding into the future include:


Poached Egg Pictures


Melbourne hosts an amazing wealth of corporate videographers, and corporate videography companies that can create incredible corporate videos and content for your business. Choosing the right corporate videographer or corporate videography company is going to come down to 2 questions:

  1. What is your budget?

Should I hire a freelance corporate videographer?

If you know how to properly manage projects such as video production, website development etc then sure. There should be no reason using a freelancer should be a bad experience. Having said that, not all people are familiar with utilising freelancers or understand how to negotiate timelines and manage their own expectations of using freelancers.

  • Level of communication can be an unknown until well into a project. This will affect your timelines, updates etc throughout the corporate videography project.
  • Easy to hire and negotiate costs.
  • Estimated costs are approximately $1000 per minute of completed corporate video footage.

Should I hire an corporate video production company offering corporate videography services?

If your time is better spent managing multiple projects or if you require end-to-end service to complete your corporate videography project then we recommend that you enlist the services of an corporate videography or a corporate video production company in Melbourne.

  • Have a person to allocated to your account, someone that will communicate with you on your specific project whenever you need to.
  • Have a support team that understands your project timeline, goals, expectations on creative outputs etc
  • Be charged more than a freelancer due to the ongoing costs that come with managing a bricks and mortar business.
  • Have a greater likelihood of having your project completed in a timely manner and have less of your time tied to the day-to-day of the project.

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Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a video marketing, corporate video production and corporate videography company based in Melbourne, Australia founded in 2017.



Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a video marketing, corporate video production and corporate videography company

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Christopher Lichti

Christopher Lichti is the founder and lead content strategist at Video Outcomes, a video marketing, corporate video production and corporate videography company